Frequently Asked Questions


A typical session starts off with Luke checking in with you and walking you through a meditation to get you grounded. Then he will ask you what you would like to work on in that session. It could be a new issue or something that you have been working on for a while. From there he will help you explore that issue by asking you questions, going through writing/speaking exercise, and guided meditations. He will also be guided to go through exercises to help you see potential mental and emotional blocks and help you heal on an emotional/spiritual level. For the end of the session, he may provide you with some exercise or assignments to do at home to integrate and explore further.

Each session is an hour-long.

He is certified as a spiritual and life coach. He provides a combination of the two. He will help you with handling your everyday life, dreams, and aspirations. But as well as help you find emotional and spiritual healing. So, during the session, he could help explore the career that you would like and then help you resolve the potential emotional/spiritual blocks that are blocking you from reaching that goal. From there he will help learn how to use spiritual practice to keep calm and focused while working towards bringing your dreams into existence. He does not want to make you into a monk, but rather help you recognize your own beauty and worth thus helping you claim a better life for yourself.

People that have a curiosity and interest in spirituality and are in search of higher purpose and or emotional heading are people that Luke can help. He also only works with adults who have a stable internet connection or a phone. Luke is most concerned with getting the people that come to him with the help they need. If he feels that they can not benefit from his services at this time he will try to help that person find someone that can help them. He is also not a licensed therapist or doctor. So, people suffering from severe mental stress will be redirected to services that can help them. Luke may work with a patient’s therapist or doctor if they would like to receive services from him.

Sessions Sign Up and Payment

Currently, a single session with Luke costs $30 right now. The usual price is $60. If you sign up for a session package you will get a 20% discount on each session. Session packages range from 4 to 16 sessions with a session every week or every other week.

You can visit the “Book A Session” page. If you are a current client you can enter your pin and book and fill out the form. If you are new and would like to request a session you can click the “Request Session” button. There you will be able to pick a free session slot and answer some intake questions. From there Luke will contact you.

Currently, you will need to contact Luke. Either through his provided contact information or the site’s contact form.

Divine Star’s cancelation and refund policy are you must inform Luke within 24 hours before a session that you will not be able to make it. If we can not find a time to make up the session Luke will provide you with a refund. Limiting circumstances such as emergencies and personal life issues will be counted in if you do not make contact within 24 hours.

Yes, Divine Star does provide coaching packages. If Luke takes you on as a client he will discuss this more with you.