Divine Star Coaching is a for-profit business under Divine Star LLC which is registered in Michigan, the USA under me Lucas Johnson. I do not have any sponsors or investors. This site was mostly made by me. I do not have any sponsors. If you see ads on any of my videos they do not sponsor me. I do not take any money from third parties. None of the data I collect is stored past when it is needed, shared, or sold. 

Divine Star LLC also acts as a company to take money from my freelance gigs and future music sales. So, Divine Star Coaching is funded by my others jobs and the clients. Most of the cost to run the business comes from hosting the website and the time/software to keep producing the content. 

Why is Divine Star Coaching not called Lucas Johnson Coaching? Well, I already have a portfolio site with my name in the URL. Besides Divine Star refers to how I see everyone. I see everyone as a beautiful divine star.