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       Luke is a spiritual and life coach. He helps people integrate spirituality into their lives and live as their brightest selves. He has been trained through the Life Purpose Institute as well as his years of experience and practice.

       He is intuitively guided in each session to address each client's needs and desires. The people he works with experience change in perspective, emotional comfort, and motivation in each session that leaves them feeling refreshed and ready to live life.

       Throughout his life, he has experienced radical expansions of consciousness. Now he feels that it is his way to serve to share this with people through one on one sessions and his YouTube videos.

"It is my joy to bring to people the joy that is always in my heart. Yes, I am a coach, but I also work as a guide. I can help you find your way to the next level of consciousness as well as acting as a beacon and giving you the knowledge and guidance to start to cultivate it inside yourself. Simply because I know who you are. I see your radiant eternal beauty. So, really I am here to give you the courage to be who you truly are"- Luke

Certifications and Eductation

Coaching Certifications From the Life Purpose Institute

Associates in Humanities and completed a minor in Computer Science from Michigan Technological University.

Other Education

I enjoy self-education so I have read a lot of books on spirituality, self-actualization, psychology, health, and overall well being. I have also listened to many hours of material from spiritual teachers and self-actualization teachers. On top of that, I have taken online courses such as Actualized.Org’s Life Purpose Course and have participated in events like Matt Kahn's Angel Academy.

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       If you would like to work with me you can book a session on this site. This session will be a discovery session where we explore what you would like to work on and provide a sample of what the coaching sessions will be like. Click the button below to take you to the signup form.

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Luke's Portfolio Site

If you would like to check out Luke’s other work you can click the button below to take you there. You will find his programming, music, art, and video projects there. Luke works as a freelance and contract web programmer and video/audio editor when he is not coaching.

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