Consciousness Alchemy

Consciousness Alchemy

In this post, I want to explore this idea of Consciousness Alchemy. If we take the stereotypical idea of an alchemist trying to turn lead into gold, that old notion provides a good hint to what and why I want to talk about this.

Someday you may realize that consciousness is everything. And that your consciousness is your whole life and thus the structure of your consciousness can determine the quality of your experience. Consciousness Alchemy then is the process of changing the structure of your consciousness to allow more of the vital energy to flow through you.

Consciousness Alchemy involves then the practices of transforming your consciousness which can take several different forms. These include meditation, affirmations, entheogens, yoga, working with coaches/counselors/teachers, breathing exercises, and more esoteric practices. All of these will open up your being to higher more expanded states of consciousness where you can find peace, joy, and innocence again.

Consciousness Alchemy is essentially what Divine Star Coaching is all about. Because what stands in the way between you and fulfillment in your mind. I am here to help you escape your mind, find a truth beyond words, and then a whole new world of possibilities open up to you.

Of course, you can see that I am oversimplifying a lot of this. But really the super technical information is not super important but I think the principle still remains. This is still a natural process and we are all doing it in some way. When we do it consciously and we get good at it, the practice can provide huge rewards.

Think of it this way. You have accidentally put yourself in a prison and Consciousness Alchemy is the process of melting the bars and escaping. And what are you escaping exactly? All your limiting beliefs about life and the nature of reality.

Why is this important? Well, if you feel/believe that the world is always in scarce supply and there is never enough to go around, you to some degree will experience that. If you felt that the world was abundant and fruitful you would feel that way, even if you were homeless.

And we all to some extent have these beliefs or traumas that we must work through. This is why people do the spiritual work. To find relief and to usher in a new experience. If you completely change your beliefs and vantage point on something you will have a different experience of it.

Do not underestimate the power of your mind and the ability for you to get lost in it. Though once you finally got out the reality you find yourself in may seem strange at first but it will feel like the realist thing you have experienced.

The Basics of Transformation

So, how then do we make practical use of Consciousness Alchemy? Well, first we must make it clear our intentions for doing this. Your intention for this practice may be ‘to become more creative and spontaneous’ or ‘to heal and find peace’ or ‘to understand the nature of reality more’. We all come to this work with different goals in mind.

It is important to come to this work with an open mind and heart. If your intentions are very material and small you may not get very far. What we are seeking here is a change in our personal subjective reality. Our perceived outside reality will begin to shift the more we shift our inside reality.

Intention and Anchoring Energy

So, once you have your intention this will help guide you through this. If your intention is ‘to feel more creative and spontaneous’ than we need to take this intention and understand what the deeper desire of it is. For instance, in this example, creativity and spontaneity are some of the attributes of the heart and divine feminine. From this, we could start to anchor and call in that energy to activate those emotions more inside of you and allow the freeflow of creativity through you.

What I mean by anchoring energy is the process of cultivating the greater awareness of emotions already within you and strengthening those emotions you are anchoring. The process of anchoring can be done to quit simply. If we are still going with the creativity example here are ways you could anchor energy:

  • Look for creativity in everything.
  • Look for all the ways you are creative.
  • Bless the world with love and creativity.
  • Contemplate creativity and its true nature.
  • Find ways to connect with your inner innocence.

When you focus on the world being rigid, bland, and monotonous (the opposite of creativity). That is all you will see and that is all you will experience. You put a conscious filter on yourself. Here this practice will help you free up your beliefs and start to notice the good and beautiful that is here now.

However, this all just one part of the work the other parts include emotional healing, conscious exploration, and what I call non-duality training.

Emotional Healing and Conscious Exploration

Emotional healing in the context of Consciousness Alchemy is very important. If your emotional body is doing well you can sit still, focus, and direct your conscious to were you would like. However, if you are dealing with constant memories of trauma, negative self-talk, or worry than it is very hard to do this work.

Emotional and conscious exploration share many of the same techniques. Some are listed below:

  • Meditation/mindfulness
  • Coaching and Counseling
  • Yoga / Tantra
  • Loving affirmations
  • Shadow Work
  • Ethnogens

Non-duality Training

Non-duality training is the process by which you train your mind to collapse dualities in order to glean insight into the higher nature of reality. This is what a lot of esoteric alchemy was. The process has soon seemingly simple steps:

  • Identify a duality that you hold or that you notice.
  • Compare and contrast. See how they are similar and different.
  • Then try to collapse the duality. Merge the two ideas/objects/people together.

A list of common dualities include:

  • Good v. Evil
  • Life v. Death
  • Sleeping v. Awake
  • Dream v. “Real Life”
  • You v. Other
  • Love v. Hate/Fear
  • Ugly v. Beautiful
  • Innocent v. Guilty
  • Victim v. Perpetrator
  • Inner v. Outer
  • Creator v. Created

It may take you a while to really wrap your mind just one of these and really resolve the differences. However, the more you can collapse these dualities the structure of your mind will change and allow for the experience of higher dimensions. In a way, this is a deep contemplation of truth that is very direct.

The alchemist would play with different chemicals, metals, ideas, images, sounds, or whatever else to try to reach certain understandings. Since the mind lives and survives in what is perceived as a dualistic world it is hard for it to open up to non-dual truths. They are very subtle and require you to read in between the words.

At least in modern times, we have more refined methods and the average person who is serious about it can become enlightened or realize God/Divinity/Love for themselves. These people that explored consciousness helped keep spirituality alive and enrich its practices for the good of all.

In Conclusion

Consciousness Alchemy is still alive and well today. It has morphed into modern spirituality essentially. The idea of your thoughts having power has not been new. At least now it is not underground and the practices do not need to be done in caves or in the veil of darkness.

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