Phrases of Remembrance

Phrases of Remembrance

I would like to provide you some phrases that you can repeat to yourself that will help you recenter and balance you. While we are going through our day it is a good principal to remind ourselves of our true nature. This will help soothe the worry and fear that you might be experiencing and open you up to higher states of awareness which will allow you to love yourself and others more as well as see reality from a much higher perspective. From that higher perspective, you can find much healing and new possibilities that you could never even fathom before. 

  • I am abundance, abundance I am
  • I am prosperity, prosperity I am
  • I am health, health I am
  • I am ecstasy, ecstasy I am
  • I am bliss, bliss I am
  • I am creativity, creativity I am
  • I am beauty, beauty I am
  • I am power, power I am
  • I am intelligence, intelligence I am
  • I am divine, divine I am
  • I am forgiveness, forgiveness I am
  • I am passion, passion I am
  • I am power, power I am
  • I am goodness, goodness I am
  • I am worthiness, worthiness I am
  • I am light, light I am
  • I am love, love I am
  • I am that I am
  • I am free
  • I am here
  • I am life
  • I am whole
  • I am complete
  • I am forever and now
  • I will always be, and I have always been 
  • I am the sun 
  • Everything I need is right here now

If you repeat these words often to yourself you will be able to shift your consciousness. When you state these words you are speaking as your soul/higher self. You are claiming who you truly are and what has been and always will be true. 

How to Practically Do the Practice

To start you would choose a few phrases that you resonate with. Then repeat them to yourself either silently or out loud once a day or more. It is important to take the time to breathe and feel the energy of the statements and really to soak it in. Also, it may be important to contemplate what the phrase is trying to point to. Part of the practice is merging yourself with the understanding of that answer. You already know this is true, and you know why, but you must become the answer itself by shifting into the higher consciousness perspective. The phrases help you do that by reminding a deep part of yourself what is true and begins to allow the energy of the phrase in. 

So, trust that a deeper part of you knows what these phrases mean and what they really imply. Once you start making these (saying the phrases) you will begin claiming yourself to be the Divine/God/Universe/Infinity which is your true nature. 

If this practice is done genuinely with a desire to know yourself as the All that Is, this can be quite therapeutic. You are not trying to mold yourself into perfection here, you are just affirming that you are already perfect. You are stepping into the kingdom now, and taking your holy throne. 

My Experience With the Practice

I started this practice after being inspired to do it after reading Conversations With God by John Walsch. In that book, he talked about affirming what you are. So, I sat down and thought about all the qualities of the divine I would like to affirm in myself and found a simple way to make it memorable. 

When I started the practice I did not notice much but after a few years of doing it really brings me a lot of joy and can quickly lighten up my day. It loosened up my fears around abundance and worthiness and soothes the most innocent parts of my being. However, this is not the only practice I do.