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The Divine Star Method

       Luke approaches coaching in a unique way. Combining intuition, exercises, and deep dialogues to help his clients find peace, move toward their true desires, and begin to enjoy truly being themselves. He is intuitively guided and informed by years of research and dedication to finding true happiness and fulfillment.

       He will help you shed light on your blocks and obstacles, as well as find creative solutions to your problems. Ultimately allowing you to step into your power and be well equipped for your journey of transformation.

“I have been blessed to experience radical transformation for all aspects of my being. It is my joy to share the gift of transformation through my work. I love seeing the people I work with have breakthroughs in their lives and expand to new cultivated understandings that bring them peace and set them back comfortably into joy.” - Luke

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       If you would like to work with me you can book a session on this site. This session will be a discovery session where we explore what you would like to work on and provide a sample of what the coaching sessions will be like. Click the button below to take you to the signup form.

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About Luke Johnson

       Divine Star Coaching is my coaching practice. I was inspired to help people transform their lives after experiencing many transformations on the inside and outside of my being. The gift I bring to those I work with is the tremendous joy and love I carry in my heart as a result of my journey. I am here to aid in the shift of your and others' consciousness by using my spiritual gifts and what I have learned through education and experience.

About Luke

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